lean + the growth mindset

Toni is on a mission to help people and organizations see themselves with fresh eyes, tapping into their dynamic energy to facilitate lasting transformation that they may not have imagined possible.

program goals

the focus
  • Explaining Socio-Technical Lean principles and its application in healthcare
  • Discussing application of tools
  • Deliberate practicing of lean thinking
  • Coaching for improvement projects and personal development

program description

the big picture

The “Lean and the Growth Mindset’ program was developed to encourage an understanding of lean principles, practices, and tools. Designed for the healthcare, technical and service-related industries, the training curriculum incorporates executive coaching and professional and organizational development exercises, such as team building and leadership. The project-based peer-to-peer learning program supports teams on their daily improvement efforts through the practice of lean thinking and taking actions toward a defined business objective. After all, for true change to occur, teams need to develop concrete steps forward and opportunities for testing their impact.

program modules

what is covered
  • Introduction to Lean and the Growth Mindset
  • The Power of Gemba, Go See, Ask why, Show respect
  • Measurement with data collection, analysis and presentation of metrics
  • Process Mapping current and future work and information flows
  • Intentional Standard Work and standardization
  • A3 Thinking as a discipled way to approach problem solving and opportunities
  • Set up experimentation with Toyota Kata and PDSA scientific method
  • Appreciative Lean Leadership, the art of asking questions and power of conversations

program format

how it works
  • Experiential onsite 3-day orientation kickoff
  • 15-week online content delivered via Canvas Learning Management System
  • Remote executive coaching
  • 1-day Project demonstration and program close


the coaching team

Toni Benner, M.S. and Sarah Bonzo, Ph.D.


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